Projects overview


Associazione BIRA

Screenshot Associazione BIRA

Website for the Ticino non-profit beer consumers organisation BIRA.

Il fiore di luppolo

Screenshot Il fiore di luppolo

Full website for a specialised beer shop in Lugano, Switzerland. Apart from selling beers, Il fiore di luppolo also offers beer tasting sessions and professional consultancy for local bars and restaurants.

Montemar WK Wielrennen

Screenshot Montemar WK Wielrennen

Website with programme, hotel description, prices and registration for Montemar’s yearly organised group trip to the World Championships Cycling. This year, the event takes place in Ponferrada, Spain.

Katja’s Total Fitness

Screenshot Katja’s Total Fitness

Full website for independent personal trainer and bootcamp capitain/coach who serves clients in the whole Brussels region. In a first phase this is a static HTML-website. In a second phase, the site will be moved into a CMS.

Website Jongerenwelzijn

Screenshot Website Jongerenwelzijn

Jongerenwelzijn’s website suffered from the “government agency website syndrome”: a lot of information hidden behind an obscure information architecture, topped off with some outdated design. This redesign included extensive input from target audiences and resulted in a modern, well-structured source of information.

*Note: Project as a full-time employee of agentschap Jongerenwelzijn.

Nieuwsflash Jongerenwelzijn

Screenshot Nieuwsflash Jongerenwelzijn

As part of the redesign of the agency’s intranet, the internal newsletter “Newsflash” got a complete make-over in the same style. Mailchimp was introduced as a publishing platform.

*Note: Project as a full-time employee of agentschap Jongerenwelzijn.

Intranet Jongerenwelzijn

Screenshot Intranet Jongerenwelzijn

Instead of being a knowledge base and useful tool for the agency’s employees, the Jongerenwelzijn intranet was an unmanageable beast, keeping all its knowledge to itself. This short sprint project introduced a completely new, straightforward structure. Some changes to the design not only helped clarify the intranet’s organisation, but also took away the existing confusion with the agency’s website, which had the exact same design.

*Note: Project as a full-time employee of agentschap Jongerenwelzijn.

Casa Montemar

Screenshot Casa Montemar

“Casa Montemar” is a holiday house in the south of Spain, near the town of Torrevieja. The website is a one-page presentation of the house, its facilities and surroundings. Check out the prices, fill in the contact form and start packing your bags to enjoy the Spanish sun!

Collaboratief Zorgplatform (CoZo)

Screenshot Collaboratief Zorgplatform (CoZo)

The “Collaboratief Zorgplatform” (CoZo) grew from the collaboration of 4 hospitals in Ghent (Belgium) to a network of over 20 hospitals spread over the Flemish region. The site is the result of a complete rebranding and redesign exercise. It was developed in KenticoCMS, a flexible .NET-based system.

*Note: Project as a full-time employee of UZ Gent.

Young Leaders in Diabetes

Screenshot Young Leaders in Diabetes

Subsite for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) describing their “Young Leaders in Diabetes” programme. To higher recognisability, the site’s layout had to be the same as the general IDF-website. Runs smoothly on ExpressionEngine.

UZ Gent

Screenshot UZ Gent

The homepage of the Ghent University Hospital website was overly crowded and busy. By adding more white space and bringing back focus to the 3 target audiences, the page holds more information but seems less cluttered. In addition, the Flash-based interactive floor plan was replaced by a customizable, CMS-driven JavaScript app.

*Note: Project as a full-time employee of UZ Gent.

New Way Management

Screenshot New Way Management

Small “business card” website for a congress, conference and events industry company. Runs smoothly on Wordpress.


Personal project that allowed me to experiment with my newfound love for web design and development. At its peak moment, was not only the biggest Dutch 2Pac-resource, but also a highly ranked English one. Sadly enough, the site has been suffering from my lack of time to maintain it as it should.